Electroforming Materials Kit


Rectifier (DC power unit 5 amp)
Conductive paint -2oz recommended size
Midas Bright Copper Electroforming Solution -Item Number: 335074
20-22 gauge sheet copper for Anodes
24 gauge copper spool for hanging project 200’
8 gauge copper wire for tank set up 12’
600ml Beaker-three beakers
Copper Tweezers
Soft Brass Brush
Paint brush-Synthetic bristles

The following pictured items are not included:

*Micro Glass Beads
*Copper Scrubbie
*Glass face bead

Electroforming kit may be purchased from Microtools


Buffing Package

I mentioned I had a buffing package set up for you if you choose to order one. As always shop around! However, I am sure you won't find a better price. If you are interested just send me an email or PM and I will send you an invoice and order the package for you.

  • Desktop buffer $71.76
  • Guard $26.44
  • 3 inch 120-grit white radial bristle pack/5 $16.37
  • 3 inch 1-micron green radial bristle pack/5 $15.11
  • hub for bristle brushes pack/2 $6.70
    Shipping $28.62
    Total $165.00 +tax