The Elegance of Electroforming

Electroforming Organic and Inorganic Materials

Brought to you by 

Molten Studios
Squamish, BC. Canada



May 7-9, 2022


Class Fee: $325.00 (US$)​


Electroforming Kit: $175.00 (US$)

Electroforming Kit is optional if you have your own set up.

Class kit can be ordered from Micro Tools


To enroll, send an email to:

In this class, you will learn how to electroform both glass and organic materials.

Materials needed for class:

The following materials may be purchased from Microtools or bring your own. Microtools has sourced an Electroforming Kit specifically for my classes which includes: (photo below)

*Rectifier (DC power unit 3 or 5 amp)
*Conductive paint -2oz recommended size
*Midas Bright Copper Electroforming Solution – Rio Grande Item Number: 335074
*20-22 gauge sheet copper for anodes
*24 gauge copper spool for hanging project 200’
*8 gauge copper wire for tank set up 12’
*600ml Beaker-three beakers
*Copper Tweezers
*Soft Brass Brush
*Paint brush-Synthetic bristles


    I will provide:

    *Micro Glass Beads
    *Copper Scrubbie
    *Glass bead
    *Handouts/Class Tutorials/Expert Instruction

    Additional Materials you will need:

    *Distilled Water or De-ionized Water (may be purchased at location )
    *1 Foot of 12 Gauge Copper Wire for S-Hooks
    *Chopstick with skinny end or Bamboo Skewers
    *2-3 Small Containers – sushi dishes, jar lid, cottage cheese container lid…
    *Rubber Gloves
    *Funnel – dollar store
    *Dried Organic Material, a leaves, flower, flower calyx, etc.

    Below is a photo of the Electroforming Kit from MicroTools.

    And yes they ship to Canada so order soon.

    To enroll, send an email to: