Headpins, Flowers & Disc Beads

Prerequisite:  Lampworking Glass experience.

Class Fee TBA

Class times are PDT – Los Angeles time

Day 1    Class Day 1
Day 2    Class Day 2
Day 3    Class Follow-up – Q&A

Skills taught include lampworking on 24 gauge ni-chrome wire, nesting flower components, use of the bell flower and leaf presses, and on mandrel flower components appropriate for this design. Instruction focuses on creation of floral components and the disk bead base. Instruction will cover disk/fan beads; flowers, buds, leaves, and pods made on ni-chrome wire; the use of the bellflower and leaf presses; and on-mandrel components.

Note: Uses both the Zoom and the Facebook platforms. Students will need a free Facebook account.

 How the classes work: 

  • Classes will be presented in a Zoom format.
  • Each class will have its own Facebook Classroom with videos and instruction available at any time — for as long as Facebook is willing to host the page. Lessons only on this page.
  • A Facebook Question and Answer Group Page – where we will all interact for 30 days. The page will be archived, and available to view.
  • Admission to Terry Henry’s Facebook Student Gallery Group for you to share your creations.


*Equipment not included.

Selection of Color Pallet

It is suggested that students give some thought to what colors they would like to work in. A good website for color selection is:


I have used this to select pallets for my creations. Here is a simple example of a pallet that would work great for a necklace. It also takes the mismatched components out of the equation since everything you make goes together from the beginning.

For example, I might choose Reichenbach 2202 – Purple Rose for the dark purple, EDP Effetre 254 for the light purple and Kugler Pea Green/ASK Mediterranean Green for the dark green for this palette, Effetre Light or Dark Ivory, and White. There are so many colors available that you have a wide selection of glass to match the color palette you choose.  Remember – if the colors are not being melted together in a headpin, you can choose your palette from more than one COE since you do not have to worry about incompatibility of the glass.

Supplies needed for this project:


  •  24g 60 series Nichrome Wireheadpins to be used in Assembly class must be on this wire
  •  10-12 1/8” mandrels- dipped
  •  8-10 3/32” mandrels- dipped
  •  Complementary Glass – opaque* recommended for disk beads, flowers your choice
  •  One rod of yellow Filigrana (Effetre 236) for the stamens
  •  Glass Tools – tweezers, presses, etc.
  •  Pin Vise/Hemostat
  •  Bell flower Press (optional)
  •  Leaf Presses (optional)
  •  Heart Press (optional)
  •  Rod Warmer (optional)
  •  45° Bead Reamer bit (#2 Diamond Bur Point) DBI 275.50

*Devardi glass recommended for background discs. My favorite colors are Toffee – D200, Luscious Lilac and Honeydew D85. Beware, this glass is inexpensive, extremely shocky, and needs to be preheated.
I also recommend selecting at least one opalino or alabaster color as the glass is stiffer and is easier to pull into petals. CIM Crocus and Quartz have similar properties.