Electroforming Cuff Bracelet – Part II

“The Electroformed Cuff Bracelet” Part 2, begins with the removal of the project from the bath and finishing.  Patina with the Liver-of-Sulphur and heat patina is discussed along with finishing techniques.

Electroforming Organic Material – Part 1

“Electroformed Organic Materials” Part 1 covers electroforming basic plant material, flowers, leaves, and pods; along with critters (a dead lizard), feathers, and shells. The class project will be whatever organic material you want to use — you will be providing your own dead lizard and other organic material. Part 1 takes the student as far […]

Electroforming Organic Material – Part 2


“Electroformed Organic Materials” Part 2, starts with the removal of our projects from the tank and continues with further processing so the material is useful in future projects.  We finish the class with cleaning and finishing our electroformed components.

Treasures of the Sea – Part 1


“Treasures of the Sea” focuses on working with elements that are reactive in an acid bath.  I spend time on the discussion of how to protect reactive materials, shells, minerals, organic items such as pearls in an acidic environment.  Additionally, we assemble individual elements together using electroforming techniques to create finished pieces of jewelry.  This […]

Treasures of the Sea – Part 2


“Treasures of the Sea” Part 2 focuses on different mineral characteristics and potential chemical reactions. Reference information is provided in a format that may be updated and the student learns additional information. “Treasures of the Sea” Part 2 ends with finishing techniques and additional assembly ideas.

Electroforming on Glass – Part I


This class is a prerequisite to all future classes. The Electroforming on Glass class introduces the student to the fundamentals of electroforming - Part One focuses on how to set up an electroforming tank and the rectifier. The project for this class is a glass bead. The material chosen for this class is glass because […]

Electroforming on Glass – Part II


Part two of the Electroforming on Glass class focuses on the Science of Electroforming.  I discuss the chemistry associated with the process occurring in the electroforming tank and the physics associated with setting the rectifier.  The objective of these lessons is to make the student comfortable with the processes.  We cover cleaning and finishing electroformed […]