Electroforming Cuff Bracelet – Part I


The prerequisite for this class is Electroforming on Glass or previous experience and instructor consent. “Cuff Bracelet” focuses on using previously electroformed components in a construction of a cuff. This design features electroformed flowers and Victorian charms. I have used cabochon beads, semi-precious stones, ceramic faces, electroformed lizards, or anything your imagination desires. These techniques […]

Electroforming Cuff Bracelet – Part II

“The Electroformed Cuff Bracelet” Part 2, begins with the removal of the project from the bath and finishing.  Patina with the Liver-of-Sulphur and heat patina is discussed along with finishing techniques.

Copper Electroforming Designing and Creating with Conductive Materials – Online ZGS

Schedule: Saturdays, April 13- April 27, 2024 Class Price: $295 CHF Students must have electroforming equipment. Contact me for options and correct times. Hosted by Zurich Glass School, the focus of this class is using electroformed components and conductive material to create a cuff. This class will add to your skill of copper electroforming and […]