Enameling Electroformed  Organics

Prerequisite:  Electroformed Organics

Class Fee TBA


This class will meet on the following days: TBA


Day 1 – Preparing and Processing Organics
Day 2 – The next steps
Day 3 – Class Follow up Q&A

This class shares a technique I have been working on for a while. Once a component is electroformed it can be enameled like any copper shape. The only difference between an electroformed organic component and a stamped or cut copper shape is the detail preserved within the element. I will share the nuances of enameling electroformed leaves, flowers and shells. Come join me for this exciting new class!


Note: Uses both the Zoom and the Facebook platforms. Students will need a free Facebook account.

 How the classes work: 

  • Classes will be presented in a Zoom format.
  • Each class will have its own Facebook Classroom with videos and instruction available at any time — for as long as Facebook is willing to host the page. Lessons only on this page.
  • A Facebook Question and Answer Group Page – where we will all interact for 30 days. The page will be archived, and available to view.
  • Admission to Terry Henry’s Facebook Student Gallery Group for you to share your creations.


*Equipment not included.


• Electroformed Flowers, Leaves, etc with a substantial deposition of copper

Enameling Supplies

  • Thompson medium fusing clear enamel #BC-303L
  • Colored Jewelry Enamel for Metal (Optional)
  • 1-3 Small three Point Trivets
  • Locking Tweezers

Torch Enameling Only

  • Firing Rack  (minimum 6×6)
  • Tripod
  • Torch options:
    • Smith little Torch with a rosebud head
    • Air acetylene Smith torch
    • Benzomatic ST8000

Kiln Enameling Only

*Enamel materials may also be found at Enamel Warehouse